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Resplendent Quetzal

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Thank you for taking an interest in my online photo gallery. Since my youth I have always had a love of nature. My interest in wildlife photography finally blossomed in 2013 upon considering that the best way to preserve the memories of being out in God's creation is to document them with photos where I can share those experiences with others. This gallery is a fulfillment of that endeavor.


To familiarize you with the organization of this photo gallery the guidelines below should help in navigating through this maze of photographs.

The bird to the left (or below) is a male Resplendent Quetzal in breeding plumage. Notice the extremely long covert feathers observed only during breeding season. This photograph was taken on April 10, 2018 in San Gerardo de Dota, San Jose, Costa Rica.


When viewing this site it is recommended to maximize your browser window to achieve the best resolution possible of all photos.


The Home Page displays a slideshow of over 100 of my favorite photographs to give every visitor a quick glimpse of the variety of wildlife found in this gallery.

In the header, the Search Bar can be used to search this site for any terms (name of any species) you may want to check out.


The Menu Bar is the access point for all pages at this site:

  • Galleries - This is the entry point to all photographs. A drop-down menu appears with different classifications of wildlife/themes available. From this point different levels of subfolders will likely be encountered with increasing levels of specificity until individual species or topics are seen. Selecting a species/topic will then open an album where the complete collection of  images for that subject can be previewed and full scale photographs can be opened.

  • Recent - This link will reveal recent additions to the gallery. It also includes links to recent photos added to this site and a world-wide visitor map.

  • About - In case you want to learn more about me and the equipment I use this is the page to visit.

  • Contact - All photographs are covered by standard copyright laws. You can always contact me for rights to use of any of my photographs provided no one else has requested that before you.

  • Deutsch - Details provided for German visitors. 


Counters for the numbers of unique visitors for each page can be seen on wide screen monitors at the bottom right side of the page. On cell phones the counts are seen at the bottom of the page. Two counters are on the home page with the total visitors being shown on the left.

This site also hosts my Instagram feed.

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