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Knaturfoto Online Markt

Welcome to my online market where you can purchase full resolution photos or high quality prints with excellent color rendition. All photos shown on this site are available, however, this store features a selection of those most likely to be requested. Please browse through the themed galleries below. Photos are also available for exclusive commercial use (at an agreed fee) and for nonprofit organizations that support natural and wildlife resources. Use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page for these requests.


Digital Photos - All digital photos will be high quality jpegs or tifs without watermarks and can be purchased at the original resolution or web quality resampled to 700 pixels in the vertical dimension. All photos are cropped from the full-frame photo. Many photos are 16 x 9 aspect ratio making them ideal backgrounds for wide-screen monitors. Of course you can crop your photo if you desire a different size. The resolution of each photo featured in these galleries is listed along with the aspect ratio. Custom made cell phone wallpapers are also available for nominal cost.

Prints - Prints can be ordered at different sizes with the maximum dimension being 13 x 19 inches (33 x 48 cm) on either Semi-gloss or Luster paper. Standard    4 x 6 photos can also be printed on Glossy paper. All prints are made in-house to guarantee an accurate color rendition is achieved of the colors seen in real life.

Custom Photos or Prints - The galleries featured on this page are only a sampling of photos most likely to attract interest. If you desire any photos on the Knaturfoto website not represented in these galleries you can request specifically which photo(s), size, and deliverable format you wish. Prices will be the same as what you see listed for the galleries below. The same order form linked below is used for gallery photos or other photos from this website.

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Market Galleries

To purchase digital files or prints for personal use, download and fill out the order form (above) and send in to PhotoID is the title given for each photo taking the form "Common Species Name nnnn". Simply copy/paste that title into the respective text box of the form. Prices for digital photos and prints of different sizes are shown on the Prices page. Orders including prints will require an additional shipping charge (shipping waived for print orders over $100). After submitting this form you will be invoiced through PayPal including any additional charges, if needed. Photos will then be delivered after payment.

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Inquiry Form
For inquiries about photos not shown in the galleries above please contact me directly. Requests for exclusive commercial right usage or sharing of my photos with nonprofit wildlife/natural conservation organizations are welcomed.


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Inquiry Form
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